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Ask yourself this…. Is their education secure, if they have a change of plan for their career? How much did they invest by commitment without understanding the payback of their education or their eligibility? Is your Athlete a physically and mentally prepared for that College?

Let’s be realistic and understand their are thousands of athletes and thousands of Colleges of choice. Do not get caught going in blind or putting your Athlete at risk without understanding your options! Call Us Today:

Okeiki Baseball Club is a; 501C or Non-profit corporation.

Our Mission
To provide the best competition, training and coaching for young baseball players, who wish to continue their baseball careers. We offer year round baseball, playing up to 120 games a year. We participate in four national and one international organizations, by doing so our players receive opportunities to qualify for World Series and international play. Our players get experience and exposure by participating in every tournament that is available to us. We select only players who love the game, have the ability and heart to play baseball in the tradition of the O'Keiki Baseball Club. Our cost include: scholarships, equipment website and admin cost. We are always looking for volunteers, company sponsors and donations. Please donate what you can today or give us a call to see how you can support our youth.

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All kids should get a chance to love baseball...
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